Some of these documents are Portable Document Files (PDFs). Use Adobe Reader to view them; get it (free) here.

A Quick Reference on Bullying (PDF)

Building Resilience at Work – Workshop Overview (PDF)

Causes of Conflict within Organizations (PDF). Learn more about diagnosing and resolving organizational conflict.

Conflict Resolution Workshop Outline (PDF)

Course Content Design Template (MS Word document)

Dealing with High Conflict People (PDF)

Facilitating Adult Learning (PDF)

Gradients of Agreement (PDF)

How Business Coaching Works (PDF)

Mentoring Workshop Overview (PDF)

Negotiation Plan Template (MS Excel template)

Respectful Workplace Workshop Overview (PDF)

Styles Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Team Meeting Facilitation Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Team Start up and Team Build Kit (PDF)

Tips for Technical Trainers (PDF)

Trust and Relationship Accounting (PDF)


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