Respectful Workplace


  • More than 2800 employees, leaders and contractors participated in this interactive workshop at various organizations. Ninety-five per cent of participants have rated the workshop as a valuable use of time and agreed that they had learned some useful skills to take back to their work environments.
  • Post-program evaluations have shown a marked improvement in work environments.

Program description

Respectful Workplace work environment programs include work or team environment surveys, followed by targeted recommendations to improve the work environment where needed. The Respectful Workplace workshop can be offered and is customized to client needs. It covers topics such as:

  • Organization’s values and definition of Respectful Workplace at the organization
  • What harassment is and is not
  • The difference between conflict and harassment
  • How to deal with conflict or harassment
  • Overview of key conflict management skills:
    • Listening
    • Questioning
    • Different styles of dealing with conflict
  • Responsibilities of leaders and employees with regard to a respectful workplace.

Respectful Workplace Workshop Overview


Revised January 23, 2017
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