Symphony of strategies & skills − “Negotiation is made up of a symphony of strategies and skills, and each skill and strategy directly contributes to the overall success of the negotiation.” (Source: Brad McRae, The Seven Strategies of Master Negotiators)

We all negotiate in our lives, everyday. We negotiate at work, at home, at school, even in our volunteer settings. The method of negotiating used by Ryan Bannerman Associates was developed by the Centre for Creative Negotiating and is based on the win-win approach first described by the Harvard Negotiating Project. This method is:

  • a combination of planning and techniques that helps you achieve better outcomes;
  • neither hard nor soft negotiating, but an approach that is effective;
  • based on principles of ethical negotiating, but helps you prepare for situations where others may not share your ethical views;
  • creative in searching for the best deal possible for both sides.

Ryan Bannerman Associates can provide:

  • negotiation strategy, coaching, planning and facilitation;
  • negotiation skills training, with an experientially designed workshop that allows you to practice standard and difficult negotiations and receive feedback on your individual approach — your strengths and areas for improvement.


Revised January 23, 2017
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