Conflict Resolution

Conflict is neutral − Conflict in itself is neutral. It is how conflict is handled that creates problems.

Conflict in organizations is necessary and can be productive. For most organizations, conflict can generate innovative ideas and improved results. However, if conflict is not handled well it can blossom into a full-blown organizational feud, create enormous interpersonal stress, and diminish productivity, resulting in real bottom-line impact. This can happen at all levels in the organization, with particularly serious consequences at the executive levels. Ryan Bannerman Associates has developed methods to:

  • diagnose the root causes of a conflict within an organization;
  • provide actionable organizational, interpersonal, and individual recommendations to help resolve the problem;
  • provide facilitation services;
  • provide appropriate learning and team building after the main issues have been resolved to prevent recurrences and to help build personal and team resilience.

Nadine has helped resolve complex conflicts involving as few as two and as many as fifty people, conflicts that have developed over a period of several years, and conflicts that have reached a high level of intensity.

For coaching through a conflict, or for a workshop, contact Nadine.


Revised January 23, 2017
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