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The value of mentoring − A survey published in Harvard Business Review found that of 1,250 executives, two-thirds had a mentor and that executives who had a mentor received higher compensation and expressed greater work satisfaction than their non-mentored peers.


Coaching is fast becoming one of the most important development methods available to help individuals, leaders, and teams reach their goals. The coaching method used by Ryan Bannerman Associates has as its principles that:

  • the goals and outcomes of coaching are agreed to in collaboration with the client. Coaching is a “designed alliance”;
  • clients have within them the solution to a problem. The role of the coach is to help the client focus, prioritize, move to action and learn from the results.

Nadine uses current coaching methods to help clients. Her specific coaching focus is on helping clients deal effectively with change, conflict or negotiation situations, to develop the resiliency that is needed to lead in today’s business climate, and to develop skills to coach their employees as well.


Mentoring has been around since ancient Greek times, when Odysseus entrusted his son Telemachos to the care of his friend, Mentor. In more recent times, mentors have been found to be beneficial in many arenas, including business. Mentoring has also expanded to encompass technical mentoring in professional disciplines.

Nadine provides Mentoring workshops focusing on building successful mentoring relationships, transferring learning and skills effectively, and helping proteges build resilience.


Revised January 23, 2017
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