Change Management

The role of resilience” − For almost fifteen years, at the University of Pennsylvania, we have been conducting research on the role resilience plays in people’s lives, and we’ve found that it’s essential to success and happiness.” (Source: The Resilience Factor, Karen Reivich, Ph.D., and Andrew Shatte, Ph.D.).

Chances are, somewhere along the line, we have all either experienced or witnessed adversity in our organizations. These adversities may come about as a result of downsizing, market changes, technology shifts, conflict in the organization, or simply as a result of a leadership change. We may have also noticed that some people never seem to get over the bad things that happen in their organizations while others seem to grow stronger as a result. Increasingly, today’s organizations are running “lean and mean” and creating the kind of environment that suits naturally resilient people. But by driving away less-resilient people, organizations may lose out on skills and some of their best talent.

How to help people and organizations become more resilient – that is, more capable of dealing with adversity, more able to adapt to change quickly and efficiently, and more successful overall? Psychologists and professional Coaches are now turning to the study of successful, well-balanced, resilient people and organizations. Studies are mounting that show convincingly that there are organizational, leadership and cultural strategies that can encourage both a resilient organization and resilient employees, leading to more business and professional success.

The following services can help you in your organization:

  •  Organization, Team, Individual Change Management/Resilience assessments
  • Program Design and Strategy
    • Help people be “Ready, Willing and Able” to implement change through Training program design, communications planning and issue facilitation
  • Leader/Manager Coaching
  • Resilience/Change Workshops for Leaders, Managers, Teams
    • Benefits to you and your organization
    • Characteristics
    • Strengths Assessment
    • Resilience Skills
    • Resilience and future focus
  • Supporting programs: Feedback to Leaders, Action Plans and Coaching

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