Communications consulting

Focused efforts − A well designed communications plan can save time and money by focusing efforts on appropriate, cost-effective media.

Effective communication is critical to achieving business results in all organizations. We can analyze business functions and come up with solutions that are cost effective and strategically aligned. The phases of the consulting process include:

  • Communications analysis — determining what key messages must be communicated to the target audience. A detailed audience analysis focuses effort where it can have the most impact.
  • Communications planning — deciding what media will be most cost-effective and useful. Potential media include print, electronic (e.g. web, email, PDF), and video.
  • Implementation — coordinating business and creative resources to produce and distribute the information.
  • Evaluation — following up to measure business value from the effort put into communicating so that learning can result and success can be replicated.

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Revised January 23, 2017
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