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User experience − “It is user experience that forms the customer’s impression of the company’s offerings, it is user experience that differentiates the company from its competitors, and it is user experience that determines whether your customer will ever come back.” (Source: The Elements of User Experience, Jesse James Garrett)

Good websites are designed with users in mind. The user interface and content is structured so that users can get what they require quickly and efficiently.

John Bannerman has designed and built user-focused websites since 1996. He led the team that developed the first website for a major oil & gas company, and directed the construction of three subsequent versions of the site. He has since developed websites in both commercial and educational organizations. Feedback from his clients has been extremely positive; they have mentioned usability as an important feature of his sites.

Websites have become increasingly complex, and often have some kind of transactional component, such as e-commerce. Ryan Bannerman Associates works with an established web services company to cover the entire range of web development services.

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Revised January 23, 2017
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