Dealing with Difficult Behaviours and Personalities in the Workplace

Most of us have a set of expectations for how people should behave in the workplace, even when there is conflict or disagreement. When we encounter challenging behaviours at work that don’t meet those expectations it can be difficult to know how to deal with those behaviours. If you’ve encountered difficult behaviours from a customer, employee, peer or boss, this webinar exploring those behaviours and how to deal with them effectively is for you.

Nadine Ryan-Bannerman has created a 60-minute webinar, in which participants will:

  • Be introduced to a set of behaviours considered difficult
  • Learn ways to understand what triggers these behaviours
  • Learn how to manage self when behaviours appear
  • Explore ways to deal with these behaviours

This webinar is for anyone dealing with a person or behaviours at work that they feel are extraordinarily difficult, unreasonable, unpredictable and/or highly emotional.

View this webinar.

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Nadine Ryan-Bannerman

Nadine Ryan Bannerman, M. Ed. (Adult Education), PCC is an experienced Organizational Effectiveness consultant, coach, facilitator, and presenter with a successful track record of helping her clients achieve their business results. More about Nadine …



John Bannerman

John Bannerman, M.A. (Journalism) is an experienced Communications consultant who helps his clients in large and mid-sized organizations align their communications initiatives with strategic goals and implement cost-effective communications solutions using appropriate media. More about John …



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